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Technical directions

Application Notes
pdf; 329.7 KB
  1. Transport and Storage of Propeller Shafts
  2. Installation of Propeller Shafts
  3. Transport and Storage of Double Jointed Shafts
  4. Installation of Double Jointed Shafts
Maintenance of Propeller Shafts and Double Jointed Shafts
pdf; 566.9 KB
  1. Lubrication Intervals
  2. Lubrication Grease
  3. Timelimits for checkups
Repair and Replacement of Wearing Parts on Propeller Shafts
pdf; 313.1 KB
  1. Dismantling a Joint
  2. Assembling a Joint
Repair and Replacement of Wearing Parts on Double Jointed Shafts
pdf; 284.6 KB
  1. Dismantling a Double Joint
  2. Assembling a Double Joint
Complete Compensation for Uneven Movement by Second Joint
pdf; 436.8 KB
  1. Z-Deflection
  2. W-Deflection
  3. Physical Deflection
  4. Permitted Tolerances
  5. Multiple Joint Shaft
Bearing Forces and Bending Moments
pdf; 368.6 KB
  1. Bearing Forces in Z-Arrangement
  2. Bearing Forces in W-Arrangement
  3. Displacement Force on Cardan Shaft with Length Extension
Dimensions of Cardan Shafts
pdf; 612.0 KB
  1. Selection of Joint Size for Stationary Drive
  2. Selection of Joint Size for Vehicle Drive
  3. Selection System for Propeller Shafts in Vehicle for Normal Use
  4. Critical Rotation Speed
  5. Balancing Propeller Shafts
  6. Mass Acceleration Moments - Influence of Rotation Speed and Deflection Angle
  7. Measures to Improve Smooth Running
Features of the Double Joint
pdf; 470.2 KB
  1. Axial Movement of the Drive Shaft
  2. Axial Movement of the Drive Shaft with the Use of Offset Axial Universal Joints
  3. Centre Displacement of Yoke (Carrier Ring) with Deflection Joint
Safety Notes
pdf; 291.1 KB