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Development and testing

Eugen Klein GmbH develops and tests all its products itself. We have built up our expertise in the development of cardan shafts and their components over more than 65 years.

Using state-of-the-art technologies, we develop cardan shafts according to the following criteria:

• Long service life

• Weight reduction

• Environmental compatibility

• Cost effectiveness


To this day, Eugen Klein GmbH manufactures all of its products at its two factories in Filderstadt and Esslingen. Our products are "made in Germany".

Our fully automated production process ensures not only a high level of quality, but also a high degree of production efficiency.


We are particularly proud of our assembly line as it is equipped with fully automatic robotic welding machines.

We can realise any customer request with the aid of our balancing machines that cater to all types of goods.


Our quality is our business card to the outside world. For this reason, we require quality assurance to the highest standards and using state-of-the-art technology.

Our certifications such as ISO / TS16949, DIN EN ISO 9001 and DIN EN ISO 14001 are a confirmation of our quality and at the same time motivate us to further optimise our quality goals.


Daily deliveries worldwide have long been a standard for us.

However challenging this may be we have accepted and successfully practised for over 15 years now.

A fine-tuned supply chain is absolutely essential for a successful just-in-sequence delivery.

We can of course deliver just-in-time or according to any plan you would like to implement with us.

Even in aftersales, we ensure a high level of availability for our parts through our modern high-bay warehouse, and are able to deliver within 24 hours.

In addition, we offer a number of interesting logistic concepts, such as our "house-to-house" concept.